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Cultural Foundation was first organised in 1982 when Northeast Films, franchised by Channel Four TV Co, put into production a project with top Jamaican reggae outfit "Culture". Part of this film project involved the recording, distribution, and promotion of the classic album "Lion Rock".

Despite much enthusiasm from A&M, Warner Brothers,
EMI, Virgin and so on
their A & R departments found it difficult to come to decisions. This was frustrating. We decided to take up a partnership offer from Rough Trade and set up
our own recording and publishing company.
The resulting album was distributed by Rough Trade in the UK, Heartbeat in the States, Disque AZ in France,
and Sonic Sounds in the Caribbean.

John Peel invited us to record a session for his programme.
A 12" from that session was distributed by Strange Fruit.

We were accepted into membership of the Performing Rights Society, Mechanical Copyright Society, Phonographic Performance Limited and, subsequently, Video Performance Limited.

With this essential structure in place Cultural Foundation has continued beyond the days of the initial Culture project -
providing the means for locally based musicians and
groups to promote their material.

Collective principles have under-pinned all activities.

Recent developments in computer technology and the scope afforded by the internet have enabled the potential for the "un-signed" musician to grow enormously.

Coincidentally Cultural Foundation has begun to consolidate a working practice tested and developed over 20 years.

We are musicians working for musicians - with firm allegiance to the creative work going on in this region.

We are based in the centre of the North York Moors, England.

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joseph hill, culture, jamaica, 1982
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